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Categories of  Personal Information

name, email address, your home or correspondence address, telephone numbers, IP address, Social Security number and government-issued ID

records of investments

your device and browser type, your browsing and search history on our website, and information regarding your interaction with our website.

Categories of Third Parties to Which We Disclosed Personal Information for Business Purposes

Service providers that manage contact information, facilitate email communications, provide IT services and cloud-based data storage, provide cloud storage, market our services, provide analytics information, and provide legal and accounting services.

Service providers that manage contact information, provide analytics information

Service providers that provide security services and cloud-based data storage, host our website and assist with other IT-related functions, perform functions ancillary to marketing our services, and provide analytics information.

Service providers that manage contact information

job title, information about your employer

Personal identifiers:

Commercial and financial information:

Internet or other electronic activity information:

Professional information:








  • Specific pieces of personal information we have collected about you;


  • Categories of personal information we have collected about you;


  • Categories of sources from which such personal information was collected;


  • Categories of personal information that the business sold or disclosed for a business purpose about the consumer;


  • Categories of third parties to whom the personal information was sold or disclosed for a business purpose; and


  • The business or commercial purpose for collecting or selling your personal information.


Your Right To Request Deletion of Personal Information We Have Collected From You

Upon your request and subject to exceptions in the law, we will delete the personal information we have collected from you.


Your Right to Request to Correct Personal Information We Hold About You


You have the right to request that we correct personal information we hold that you believe is not accurate.  We will take steps to determine the accuracy of the personal information that is the subject of your request to correct, and in doing so will consider the totality of the circumstances relating to the personal information you have identified as being incorrect.  We may ask that you provide documentation regarding your request to correct in order to assist us in evaluating the request. 


Our Commitment to Honoring Your Rights

If you exercise any of the rights explained in this Privacy Policy, we will continue to treat you fairly.  If you exercise your rights under this Privacy Policy, you will not be denied or charged different prices or rates for our Services or provided a different level or quality of our Services as compared to others who may not have exercised their rights.

Exercising Your Rights and How We Will Respond

To exercise your rights to know, delete or correct your personal information, or to ask a question, contact us at  For such requests, we will first acknowledge receipt of your request within 10 business days of receipt of your request.  We will then provide a substantive response to your request as soon as we can, generally within 45 days from when we receive your request, although we may be allowed to take longer to process your request in certain jurisdictions or under certain circumstances.  If we expect your request is going to take us longer than normal to fulfill, we will let you know.

We usually act on requests and provide information free of charge, but we may charge a reasonable fee to cover our administrative costs of providing the information in certain situations.  In some cases, the law may allow us to refuse to act on certain requests.  When this is the case, we will endeavor to provide you with an explanation as to why.


Verification of Identity – Requests to Know, Delete or Correct

We will ask you for two pieces of personal information and attempt to match those to information that we maintain about you.

If we are unable to verify your identity with the degree of certainty required, we will not be able to respond to the request.  We will notify you to explain the basis of the denial.


Authorized Agents


You may designate an agent to submit requests on your behalf.  The agent can be a natural person or a business entity.

If you would like to designate an agent to act on your behalf, and the agent submits a request, the agent will need to provide us with your signed permission indicating the agent has been authorized to submit the request on your behalf.  We will also require that you verify your identity directly with us or confirm with us that you provided the agent with permission to submit the request.


Please note that this subsection does not apply when an agent is authorized to act on your behalf pursuant to a valid power of attorney.  Any such requests will be processed in accordance with California law pertaining to powers of attorney.

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